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Thanks for using my Bible Dictionary. This is a work in progress. In other words, I am constantly working on it. I have around 70 or more Bible Dictionaries in various formats, the majority are public domain. A good number of these Bible Dictionaries are not on the Internet in other places. What I am doing is slowly using a dual process of going into one Bible Dictionary and adding each entry into this database. At the same time the second process is to take a single important word, and look it up in all the dictionaries I have. Lastly I am formulating my own definitions from my own Bible studies, experience, reference works, and these dictionary entries. That being the case, this dictionary will constantly be a work in progress.

How do I get this for my desktop?

As I go along, I want to make this Bible Dictionary available in several formats. First I will make it available in a standard PDF format, that you would use on your computer. I will also make it available in Clickbook format, which is for printing 2 dictionary pages side by side for printing and photocopying (staple in the middle of the two pages). I will also post e-Book formats, and Microsoft Reader Formats, as well as e-Sword and THEWord format. Please note that these downloads will have a version on them which will be updated when more stuff is added and the Bible Dictionary is larger.

Current Version: 00
Current Status: We are building the database, and will work on various formats later on.

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Note that my permission policy on reproduction and distribution of this material is that you may copy and photocopy it liberally, with the conditions you do not change anything, and that you do not charge anything. You may distribute it under other conditions if you get individual permission from me to do so.

Update: Feb 12, 2009

We are currently just beginning. I am going through Buck's Dictionary moving all of those entries into the database. This is done in two passes, first is to make a page for each entry, and second is to link these new pages to their proper lists (see left). After Buck's, I plan on doing Morrish Bible Dictionary and then probably Buckland or one of the others that I really think are valuable. The lists are not yet developed.

Please be patient as this is a work that will take several years to be fully robust.

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